SWE’s SmartMaintenance programme is a managed services plan for proactively monitoring and maintaining systems and equipment over the course of the year (or at agreed milestones, whichever is most appropriate for our clients).

SmartMaintenance encourages efficiency, and through proactive servicing delivers real operational, financial and production improvements for our clients. The traditional break-fix model (where you wait till it is ‘broken’ to ‘fix’ it) is naturally reactive; by contrast, with SmartMaintenance you are able to stay on top of your maintenance, meaning fewer ‘nasty surprises’.

Often leading on from our SmartAudits, our proactive and preventative maintenance programme is able to optimise systems and components – pinpointing areas requiring immediate maintenance and those which will require maintenance or replacement in the next two years. We also take pride in identifying opportunities to improve system performance.

Our preventative maintenance focuses on possible changes in the system which can result in longer system life, better water delivery and energy efficiency, to name a few.

We look at the overall management of the system; then a management and maintenance plan is submitted and, on agreement, undertaken to meet compliance and resource consent conditions and company operating goals.

Our SmartMaintenance programme can rectify problems such as poorly functioning irrigation systems, degradation of systems caused by faults, such as incorrect operating pressures and much more. All of which, if left unrectified, can lead to unexpected and often avoidable breakdowns.

There are many benefits to you undertaking and implementing an effective maintenance schedule, including:

  • Improved uniformity of water delivery, improving plant health and yields.
  • Gaining a better understanding of the complexities of irrigation design and the benefits of regular maintenance.
  • More efficient use of water, which reduces wastage. A financial and environmental consideration.
  • Lower running costs often result. For example, your plant may be over spec and be using more electricity than necessary.
  • Fewer breakdowns and increased irrigation lifespan, meaning decreased maintenance and less wastage.
  • Enabling more accurate forward planning and budgeting, for capital expenditure for future maintenance and upgrades.
  • Creating open discussions, about environmental impact management, green development ideas, land improvement and regional water conservation and management.

To find out more about how our SmartMaintenance might save you headaches, time and money – and optimise your systems – please give us a call.