By: SWE On: March 23, 2018 In: Electrical and Automation, Filtration, Projects

Client Profile

SWE undertook a major project to upgrade the potable water supply to a large site in Marlborough. The system had become outdated and was no longer serving the client’s needs – and, without intervention, would become even more problematic in the future.

Project Overview

The site required an upgrade to the potable water supply, to improve reliability, security, and the quality of drinking water standards.  SWE worked as a sub-contractor to Fulton Hogan for the project – taking care of the electrical, pumping and filtration components, and assisting in the final commissioning. SWE’s Mike Cooper took an important role in the project management.


SWE was responsible for taking the water from the well and supplying it to the main water storage location – together with adding some enhanced filtration solutions in to the treatment system (to dovetail with the new well prepared by Butt Drilling).

We supplied and installed the submersible pump, and associated power and headworks. We implemented a new SAF self-cleaning screen filter at the water storage facility, and installed a new cartridge filter (along with controls and monitoring of turbidity).  We took care of the pump shed, electrics and control aspects.

In terms of automation elements, we identified the ability to build in some extra future-proofing and smart automation elements. We therefore installed remote monitoring to their existing well sites as well as the new one – so the client can now have easy access to the entire system via their smartphone or desktop computer.


As a team we were able to substantially improve the quality of the potable water supply, as well as improve the reliability of supply. The client has better control of turbidity which in turn has also improved the effectiveness of the (existing) UV treatment system. Remote monitoring allows for real-time insights and decision-making.

We achieved a high-quality, future proofed system for the client on what was a technical and challenging project.