By: SWE On: February 7, 2018 In: carboNZero, Environment

SWE earns world-class greenhouse gas carboNZerocertTM certification


SWE continues its commitment to sustainable business practice by becoming carboNZerocertTM certified

SWE is delighted to announce that their organisation has been certified under the world leading carboNZerocertTM certification programme, by Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited of New Zealand. This milestone marks SWE’s commitment to environmental leadership, assuring customers with the most robust and credible evidence that their efforts to manage, reduce and offset carbon emissions for their business are effective and credible.

SWE now has an effective net zero carbon footprint, certified in accordance with ISO 14064-1 – ensuring our clients and community know we meet and exceed international standards and best practice.

SWE Managing Director, Stephen Leitch, is thrilled with the achievement, which is part of the company’s ongoing quest “to ‘do the right thing’ by our team, our clients, our community, and our environment”.

SWE is delighted to be continuing their history of being a leader in their field, becoming the only multi-disciplinary team consulting practice (in their field of water, power, and technology) to currently have carboNZerocertTM certification. At present, SWE is one of 70+ leading carboNZerocertTM certified organisations in New Zealand

Stephen explains “As a business we have integrated a commitment to the environment into our everyday way of working; it’s not just lip service. We want to know – and be able to demonstrate – we are running a business which works in an environmentally-sound manner, as verified by a rigorous external audit and accreditation process”.

One of the ways SWE has reduced our carbon footprint was through the purchase of two electric bikes, which are currently used by Stephen, and Dean Marshall (SWE Business Development Manager). Consequently, Stephen and Dean have drastically reduced their use of company cars and travelled over 4,500 kilometres by electric bike since they were bought in 2017.

Enviro-Mark Solutions CEO, Dr Ann Smith praises SWE’s commitment to leading their industry in taking responsibility for the greenhouse gas impact their business has.

“It is great to see a company like SWE taking action to reduce their impacts. This achievement should be celebrated by everyone at SWE and we look forward to seeing how this leadership evolves in their sector. We hope this success story inspires other organisations to take action.”

Other accolades for SWE include being finalists in the Cawthron Marlborough Environment Awards (2015) and winners of the Cawthron Marlborough Environment Awards (2017) in the “Business Innovation” category; being shortlisted for the Irrigation New Zealand “Innovation in Irrigation Award” (2014); and being the supreme winners of the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards (2013), winners of the “Innovation Award” and the “Adding Value to Marlborough” Award.

You can find out more about SWE’s carboNZerocertTM certification and their commitment to environmental sustainability by heading to our Environment page.



About carboNZeroCertTM certification

carboNZerocertTM certified organisations have measured their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (such as business travel, electricity and vehicles), committed to managing and reducing the emissions, and have offset any remaining emissions by purchasing verified carbon credits. The process is independently verified as accurate and complete in accordance with ISO 14064-1/PAS 2050 (the international standard for GHG measurement) on an annual basis. Developed from over 15 years of experience in GHG measurement and carbon monitoring, Enviro-Mark Solutions’ carbon programmes are the world’s first internationally accredited GHG certification programmes under ISO 14065.

The internationally accredited carboNZerocertTM Certification Programme is operated by Enviro-Mark Solutions, the leading provider of independent environmental certification in New Zealand. Since 2001, our programmes have ensured that New Zealand companies are benefiting from international best practice, applied science, and effective tools. Enviro-Mark Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landcare Research, a Government-owned Crown Research Institute. Though developed for New Zealand business needs, Enviro-Mark Solutions currently serves over 400 clients worldwide. Learn more at www.enviro-mark.com.

Details of SWE’s certification disclosure are available at www.enviro-mark.com/our-members/members/southern-water-engineering