Introducing SmartWash

Line flushing is one of the most important irrigation maintenance jobs within your vineyard and it should be carried out on a regular basis. We change the oil in a tractor every thousand hours, yet find it easy to neglect irrigation drip line – the life support system in a vineyard. Why risk failure for the sake of yearly treatment?

SWE has a reliable background in water treatment, drip line maintenance and flushing. We are delighted to offer our clients SmartWash – a full range of line flushing services to keep your vineyard running optimally.

The SmartWash package:

  • Full line flushing service.
  • Following the flushing of the irrigation lines, they are tested to ensure they are completely clean.
  • Dripper analysis and flow tests will indicate how irrigation across the block is performing.
  • Regular line flushing will guarantee consistent performance.

The benefits?

  • Cost-effective: SWE understands the financial pressures faced by growers and offers clients the option of supplying the acid/chlorine solutions from their own chemical supplier – eliminating the middleman. Or we can provide all necessary supplies, at a competitive price. Either way, SWE then carries out the technical (and potentially hazardous) procedure for you.
  • Safe: Line flushing requires the use of chlorine and acid, so there is no room for error. SWE has fully qualified technicians who use the right equipment, eliminating the risk of accident. One near miss, or accident can have huge repercussions for you, your staff and your business. Let us take care of it for you. We have both Growsafe accreditation and ACC Workplace Safety Management secondary accreditation.
  • Measurable: SWE recommends the testing of water flows pre- and post-treatment to gauge the efficacy of the treatment. You’ll be able to see the difference firsthand. It is important that the drip line is treated appropriate to requirements.