smart fertigation
smart fertigation

Smart Fertigation

What is fertigation?

Fertigation is the process by which you apply fertiliser through your irrigation system.

Over time we have developed more effective ways of applying fertiliser to crop systems – moving from solid fertiliser, to foliar fertiliser – and now, with the advent of more soluble forms, to the effective fertigation methods we have today.

SmartFertigation is the most advanced and efficient method of applying fertiliser.

Fertigation is particularly effective for crops such as avocados, grapes, blackcurrants, and kiwifruit.

The SWE “SmartFertigation” system:

  • Ensures proportional application. This system is responsive to block size and flow rate – so there is no over or under-application of costly fertilisers.
  • Has minimal moving parts to wear out or replace, helping create a hassle-free, low maintenance system.
  • Allows you to apply in bulk (if you want to irrigate once a week, for example) or continuously (applying smaller amounts more regularly – which is ‘best practice’).
  • Keeps nitrates separate from sulphates to avoid clogging the system (using an A/B tank set-up – or flushing between applications).
  • Includes a controller to keep fertiliser in solution via continuous agitation – so it doesn’t settle in the system. In fact, our system does everything from mixing it, keeping it in suspension, distributing it and metering it for you!
  • Makes sure recordkeeping and reporting is all logged, and accessible in ‘real time’ via your smartphone or desktop computer. This allows you to know exactly how much you have applied and when – and review system performance.

SWE – making fertigation effective, efficient, safe and automated!

Smart Fertigation Pipework
smart fertigation
smart fertigation

The Benefits of Smart Fertigation

Smart Fertigation

  • Is user-friendly.
  • Improves fertiliser distribution, uniformity of application, and efficiency.
  • Increases nutrient absorption by plants and maximises plant health.
  • Allows for accurate placement of nutrients.
  • Provides the ability to “microdose”. Fertigation allows you to feed the plants just enough, so the nutrients can be absorbed and are not left to be washed away next time it rains.
  • Reduces fluctuation of nutrient concentration in the soil.
  • Reduces leaching of chemicals into the water supply.
  • Allows you to control the application of nutrients for delivery at the precise time and rate necessary according to the nutritional requirements of the crop at any given time.
  • Decreases labour expenditure (compared with aerial application, tractor spreading or hand distribution).
  • Allows you to apply nutrients to the soil when soil or crop conditions might otherwise prevent you entering the field with conventional equipment.

System of Choice

The SWE fertigation system is so highly regarded it has been widely adopted around New Zealand – as well as being exported to USA and Australia! It has become the system of choice for large corporate clients as well as many smaller-scale growers and farmers.

If you’d like to know more, we’ll consult with you and advise how to optimise a fertigation system specific to your property, soil and crop requirements. Then we will deliver it in full and on time.

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