SmartBank is all about building dams and water storage solutions – saving water for a non rainy day.

With SWE project managing your dam you have a professional engineer working as your advocate and agent – with your best interests at heart. Doing without is like going to court without a lawyer and representing yourself.

From design to finished dam, we’ll take care of it.

We make the process simple:

  • We’ll review what’s there (if anything), and discuss your goals and needs.
  • We’ll design a new solution or enhance the existing infrastructure.
  • And we’ll project manage it through to completion.


  • Inadequate water storage to withstand dry periods and droughts.
  • Compromising optimal water delivery to crops due to lack of water.
  • Inappropriate design of existing infrastructure, making it not fit for purpose.
  • Aging or leaky old dams.
  • Most dam builds handled by owners run over time and over budget.


We handle the design, contract management, installation and commissioning of your dams and water storage solutions. You will benefit from:

  • Our proven track record in handling even large-scale dams and water storage facilities.
  • Our skills and experience in managing complex projects of this type, with multiple contractors. We are one of only a few in Marlborough with the background, knowledge and expertise to manage projects of this scale and complexity, and deliver with such evident success.
  • Implementation of appropriate solutions for each particular vineyard and dam.
  • Future-proofed water storage solutions to ensure adequate storage both now and in the years to come. No more need to compromise on when and how much you irrigate at times of need.


Smarter Solutions

  • Poor design can burst, leak or be inefficient. Designwise, we’ll make sure you have the best – the best location and the best design for the best outcome.
  • Then we’ll ensure it’s built to the highest professional level, to time, to budget, with the reassurance that an experienced engineer is overseeing the entire process.
  • We implement the most cost effective specifications and solutions for the unique needs of each project.

Saving water; money well spent

  • Based on measurements taken prior to our work on existing dams we can quantify considerable efficiency gains – an average of 25%. This corresponds to water which is no longer being lost and can now be used to irrigate vines.
  • It’s all about return on investment. 10% yield gain on 100 hectares can add up to $120,000 more revenue!
  • The United Nations illustrates the importance of investing in water with good design and maintenance when noting “On average, the benefits of investing in water management, sanitation, and hygiene range from USD$2 to USD$3 per dollar invested.”

SWE handles the intricacies of design, installation and contract management of all dams and water storage solutions – so you reign when it shines.

Talk to us today to find out more about how we can help you…