Harmonics are an increasing problem in today’s modern electrical systems. The rapid uptake of sophisticated powered electronics devices and non-linear loads has resulted in electrical networks rich in harmonic currents and voltage distortion.

Harmonic currents increase the level of current being drawn from the supply and negatively impact on the quality of the supply voltage.

The benefits of addressing harmonics:

  • Lower operating costs by using power efficiently, lowering distribution costs and avoiding network penalties
  • Reduces threat of operational downtime from nuisance tripping, overloading and premature plant failure
  • Eliminates the risk of electrical system resonance caused by harmonic currents
  • Reduces the risk of overloaded neutrals, transformer windings, and premature power factor correction capacitor failures and other sensitive electronic equipment
  • Reduced failure rate of electronic hardware
  • Compliance with electrical network standards

Our team can help ensure your system is running optimally. Using our specialised measuring equipment our technical team can carry out an on-site inspection and identify the impact of harmonics on your electrical system. Our report will identify power quality solutions to meet your needs.

Protect your system from resonance

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