Power Factor

Displacement Power Factor is a measure of how effectively incoming power is used in your electrical system to convert current into output power – such as heat, light or mechanical motion. It is defined as the ratio of Real (working) power to Apparent (total) power.

Poor power factor causes more current to be drawn from the supply than is actually required to run the load efficiently.

The benefits of addressing power factor:

  • Lower operating costs by using power efficiently and lowering distribution costs
  • Reduce tariff charges from network, and avoid electrical network penalties
  • Low power factor can cause overloading of cables, switchboards, transformers and other electrical infrastructure
  • Reduces the threat of operational downtime caused by overloading of electrical assets
  • Low power factor can cause reduced levels of site voltage and consequently results in unreliable equipment performance

Our team can help ensure your system is running optimally. Using our specialised measuring equipment our technical team can carry out an on-site inspection and identify your power factor and how this is impacting on your electrical system. Our report will identify power quality solutions to meet your needs.

Reduce power wastage and negative impact on your

electrical system

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