Electrical & Instrumentation

Electricity and water don’t generally mix – except at SWE!

At SWE we have a dedicated team of electricians who can take care of anything in the industrial electrical services spectrum, from design, commissioning, fault-finding and diagnostics, through to maintenance and service.

We can support clients with all electrical needs from the simple, through to complex integrated electrical systems, with smart automation.

Our clients benefit from our ability to identify efficiencies, match needs to spec, and improve performance.

We can support clients with:

  • Design – of electrical systems and architecture, power distribution and control circuits, cabinet design and more
  • Construction, installation and commissioning
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Testing and comprehensive support and service
  • Monitoring and remote access
  • Contingency arrangements
  • System audits – of your existing arrangements to highlight problems such as degradation or poorly functioning electrical systems or components.

Systems or components typically fail when they are working the hardest (at times of peak demand), when you can least afford the downtime. Having a good grasp of the state of your system and components can reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and unplanned expenditure. Any issues of system integrity also have obvious safety implications.

There are many benefits of having SWE support you with your power and electrical systems, including:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the complexities of your electrical system design and the benefits of regular maintenance. We can provide you with plans of your current arrangements as well as anything new we implement – so the knowledge (and power!) is always in your hands
  • More efficient use of power, we focus on identifying the right ‘tool’ and spec for the right job. We are often able to reduce wastage – which is clearly both a  financial and environmental consideration.
  • Lower running costs often result – for example, your plant may be over spec and be using more electricity than necessary.
  • Fewer breakdowns and increased component lifespan, meaning decreased maintenance and less wastage.
  • Enabling more accurate forward planning and budgeting, for capital expenditure for future maintenance and upgrades.

Our goal is to partner with you to keep your electrical systems running at their optimum for you and your business.

Short circuit your issues – by giving us a call.