Electrical fires make up a high proportion of fire insurance losses and when they occur, they are usually large-scale fire incidents. Electrical fires can be caused by such things as loose electrical connections, weakened insulation, and poor maintenance.

New Zealand legislation requires specific preventative action – such as disconnecting, isolating and ‘making safe’ defects which pose an electrical hazard.

Health and Safety laws require businesses to ensure a safe work environment for all staff and visitors.

All electrical installations require regular oversight and maintenance. Regular work records for electrical inspection and maintenance will help demonstrate your due diligence and commitment to health and safety. They may also be a tool to negotiate for lower insurance premiums.

Increased resistance and heat are the primary reasons most electrical components fail. Infrared cameras detect this heat. Infrared thermography makes the invisible visible. This thermal imaging is performed with an infra-red heat-sensitive camera that clearly shows problem areas.

Benefits of thermography (thermal imaging)

  • Identify a wide range of problems in your electrical system including: poor connections, load imbalances, overloaded circuits, faulty or improperly installed components
  • Improve safety and reliability and reduce risk. Thermal imaging allows you to address defects in electrical components and systems at an earlier stage of degeneration before serious problems arise
  • Reduce risk of unscheduled operational downtime
  • Increases equipment lifespan
  • Many problems can be fixed on the spot – offering significant time and cost savings
  • Money invested on regular thermographic inspections could save tens of thousands of dollars in replacement equipment, lost production, health, and safety violation costs

Our team can help ensure your system is running optimally. Using our infrared thermal equipment our technical team can carry out an on-site inspection. Our report will identify power quality solutions to meet your needs.

All our operators are certified thermographers and registered industrial electricians.

Our certified thermographers and

registered industrial electricians can help you

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